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Elimination of Dangerous Waste

Surfasolve changes the cleaning process to help eliminate the generation of hazardous waste. This is accomplished by allowing resins to complete their cross-linking process and become a plastic matrix within the bottom of Surfasolve workstations. The chemistry of Surfasolve keeps the top of the workstations functioning and then allows resin to fall to the bottom, then slowly crosslink’s forming a polymer.

As with solvents they become saturated quickly with resin and do not allow the resins to finish cross-linking. This spent solvent then needs to be constantly managed and sent out as a RCRA hazardous waste. To avoid generating hazardous waste Surfasolve contains No - EPA F listed chemicals and no EPA Method 8260B full list chemicals or has any characteristics defined under RCRA that would cause it to become a hazardous waste.

For every 10-20 drums of hazardous waste generated, Surfasolve users generally will create only one drum of non-hazardous industrial waste. Some users are able to recycle this polymer matrix further and completely eliminate waste. By eliminating flammable solvents users can also lower there fire hazard risk. This should also improve the insurance profile of the facility and may even lower costs.

21st Century Chemical always advises its customers to have any waste material profiled, and make their own waste determination based on local, state and federal rules and laws.


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