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Frequently Asked Surfasolve Solvent Replacement Questions

1. Do I need to add water to Surfasolve?

No! Water will cause the material to crash and stop working.
2. My workstation looks dirty... do I have to change it out?

The color of the workstation does not matter. It will pickup dye from the catalyst, rust that comes off of tools, etc. The color is no indication it needs changing. When the bottom fills up with six inches or more of solid material, then it would be time to filter this out and top your workstation off. Push a long pole to the bottom of the workstation and notice if the material at the bottom is hard or still just a liquid. If it’s still in the liquid phase there is no reason to do anything until it becomes hard. Check back in a month and see if it’s hard before changing.

3. Why do I need to use a workstation with Surfasolve?

Workstations are very important in several ways. One reason is the large volume of Surfasolve in the work station, this will allow resins and glass fibers to settle out of the Surfasolve and not become part of it. Another reason is the large volume allows for the most efficient use of Surfasolve it gives it the necessary time to recycle itself. If you use a container instead of the workstation the resin will quickly go to the bottom then when you lay a roller head in the container it will most likely gel. The brushes in the workstation also quickly clean the resin from rollers and tools, much faster than even acetone. Workstations are critical for the success of Surfasolve.

4. Surfasolve leaves an oily film on my tools. Do I need to wipe that off?

This film is simply the surfactant (soap) that’s has not dried off yet usually within a min or two it most of it will be gone. This residue will not affect the resin or the operation of the tools in any way. If you think it feels to slick to hold then just wipe off the handle and not the entire tool. However,these extra steps are not needed or recommended.
5. Will Surfasolve ruin my latex gloves like acetone does?

Surfasolve will not degrade latex gloves. Another benefit of using Surfasolve is that you will extend the life of these types of gloves. We do not recommend using nitrile gloves as Surfasolve will quickly dissolve them. If you are latex sensitive then we recommend placing a nitrile glove on and then putting a latex over that so you do not expose yourself to the latex.
6. What do I do with the waste in the bottom of my work station?

Generally the material at the bottom of the workstations is polymerized or polymerizing resin and can be set aside to allow for the polymerization process to finish. Alternatively, it can be added to resin and kicked off.
7. Does Surfasolve need heating?

Surfasolve does not require any heating or special machinery, other than the workstations to function properly. Surfasolve Strip works better at higher temperatures.
8. Is Surfasolve flammable or hazardous?

Surfasolve has a flash point well in excess of being flammable and is not combustible. There are no hazardous components contained in Surfasolve products.
9. What if I get Surfasolve in my laminate will it stop the cure?

No, small amounts of Surfasolve residue from tools and gloves will not stop the resin from curing.




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