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Health and Safety Benefits

The benefits of replacing hazardous solvents utilized in the composites industry are overwhelming. Users of Surfasolve technology are immediately relieved of the Health and Safety hazards associated with the use of flammable and toxic solvents. Surfasolve has a very low toxicity rating. It should be understood all chemicals have some degree of toxicity and even water can be toxic therefore care should always be taken when using any chemical.

Surfasolve is non-flammable and has a very low vapor pressure which basically means it will not easily enter the air. This eliminates the most dangerous aspects of using solvents like acetone. The use of Surfasolve in your facility will ensure that your work environment becomes a much safer place for everyone when compared to using hazardous solvents.

Having a very low vapor pressure also means Surfasolve can only evaporate very slowly and not enter the air easily resulting in excessive inhalation. It is a well known fact that solvents are quickly absorbed into the blood through breathing. Extended exposure to a hazardous solvent may affect your employee’s health and could cause long term effects. The components of Surfasolve have a very low toxicity rating.




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