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Surfasolve Solvent Replacement Claims

Various independent tests confirm Surfasolve to be the industry leader in Solvent Replacement Technology
Offers Huge Cost Savings over Traditional Solvents

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How Surfasolve Solvent Replacement Technology Works

It is important to remember that SURFASOLVE is not a solvent and therefore does not simply dissolve the material it is cleaning like conventional solvents such as acetone. SURFASOLVE acts to release what it being cleaned and then allows it to simply fall out of the SURFASOLVE as a floc. By this mechanism it is basically self recycling and will continue to work after heavy use depending on how much is loaded with polymers. SURFASOLVE is somewhat functional in polymer systems therefore a small percentage will be lost when the cleaned resin continues to cross-link in the SURFASOLVE.

One very important characteristic of SURFASOLVE is that small amounts will not cause the cure to stop. Workers can clean rollers and tools then immediately go back to work without having to dry them off.

To effectively use SURFASOLVE, 21st Century has developed a special workstation that makes cleaning rollers and tools fast and efficient. A typical laminating roller can be cleaned in approximately 5 seconds and is ready to work again. The workstation has no moving parts, requires no heat and there is nothing to break.

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