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Making a successful change away from harmful solvents

Health, safety, efficiency, productivity and financial benefits are easily available for those who make the switch to Surfasolve technology. Everyone from laminators, supervisors, managers, and purchasing agents stand to benefit when everyone is committed to making a successful change. Naturally there will be some who may be resistant to giving up there old standard solvent acetone, thinking that “if something isn’t broken don’t try and fix it” The problem is acetone is broken in today’s environment. Some may have been burned in the past and found replacements to be more trouble than they are worth. 21st Century Chemical has addressed the failed attempts with these first and second generation replacements.

Surfasolve presents a new technological leap that has been well thought out and offers a true solvent replacement system unlike any other. Surfasolve is not an experiment; there are currently many large composite manufacturers across the world using this technology very successfully.

21st Century has the experience and tenacity to help our customer succeed in making the change from solvents to Surfasolve technology. We truly understand the type of training and unconditional product support needed to make the transition successful. 21st Century follows a simple philosophy, “We will not let you fail.” From our past experience we can quickly implement SURFASOLVE technology for almost any solvent use situation so long as the customer is fully committed. A company representative will provide all the proper training and ongoing support which is included at no additional charge. It is imperative that we provide the proper training rather than just drop off a sample and hope it works.

Our approach is to evaluate our customer’s process and make the proper determination on how to make SURFASOLVE the most efficient for that particular facility. We then setup a training schedule to properly train all persons involved with the transition. We continue with follow up visits to ensure that SURFASOLVE is being utilized efficiently and effortlessly.

Through our commitment to your safety we hope to eliminate harmful solvents once and for all.




Surfasolve Solvent Replacement Claims

Various independent tests confirm Surfasolve to be the industry leader in Solvent Replacement Technology
Offers Huge Cost Savings over Traditional Solvents

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