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Surfasolve Mold Cleaner

Surfasolve mold cleaner is a True Break Through in Mold Cleaning Technology. Surfasolve Mold Cleaner is a highly effective worker safe, non-toxic, alternative to harsh hazardous solvent based mold cleaners. One unique advantage of Surfasolve mold cleaner is that It will quickly remove Styrene Build up on all mold surfaces without the need of compound or sanding . Designed to thoroughly clean molds of all release agents without dulling or causing any long term damage to molds typical with solvent based cleaner.

This product will help eliminate one more hazardous product in the workplace and is 100% based on renewable natural resources.

Can also be used as a cleaner to prep most surfaces for bonding, painting, and any process requiring a clean surface, without the need for sanding or solvent washing.

How to Use

  1. Pour into a standard clean spray bottle and lightly mist entire mold.
  2. Using a clean cotton rag scrub mold surface to remove containments, in areas with styrene build allow to dwell on surface for a few minutes before scrubbing.
  3. Work in small sections until desired removal is achieved. Surface will feel more rigid once mold release agents are removed. A simple tape test will help determine mold release compounds have been thoroughly removed.
  4. It is not necessary to rinse mold with water, if there any surface contaminates left repeat above steps.

Features & Benefits

Non-Toxic no hazardous ingredients,
Worker Safe
Greatly Reduced Labor costs.
Works quickly and effectively.
100% bio-degradable ingredients are plant based.
Will slowly flash off leaving no residue.
No reportable ingredients whatsoever.
No HAPS or reportable VOC’s.
Increase Mold life and decrease mold repair.
Can eliminate the need for Re-Buffing molds after cleaning



• 100% biodegradable
• Non-flammable
• Very low toxicity profile
• Non-Combustible
• Low Vapor Pressure

Typical Properties

Density: 7.8 lbs per gal
Flash Point: Boiling point greater than 202ºF
Solubility in water: Complete
Surface Tension: 30 Dynes
Viscosity: 35 cps
Color: Fluorescent Green
Odor: Non-Offensive / Low


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