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Surfasolve Prep Wipes

Surfasolve Prep-Wipes represent a novel approach to meeting the ever higher regulations involving the reduction and removal of hazardous solvents in the workplace. Solvents such as Acetone, MEK, IPA, and a variety of other dangerously flammable solvents can be easily replaced with a new specialized organic solvent replacement developed by 21st Century Chemical that is completely non-hazardous and non-toxic. Surfasolve Prep-Wipes are made from a non-woven melt-blown polypropylene fabric which is very oleophilic and leaves no lint, particulates or any residue behind. Tests have shown these new Surfasolve Prep-Wipes offer far superior cleaning than conventional solvent wiping. We have discovered that workers always over saturate rags which then does not allow for the surface to be effectively cleaned and wastes considerable amounts of solvent. Please review our special white paper on this subject Titled "Over Saturation, the beginning of future failures".

Surfasolve Prep-Wipes are under saturated which allows surfaces to be effectively cleaned of all contaminants. Surfasolve Prep-Wipes are packaged in 100 count plastic canisters with a re-sealable lid packed 6 canisters per case.

Why Use Surfasolve Prep Wipes?

The big difference between using solvent on a typical rag and SURFASOLVE prep-wipes is the substantial improvement in solvent control and superior consistency the Sterile Prep-wipes offer. By using these non-hazardous SURFASOLVE prep-wipes you can greatly improve the health and safety of workers while reducing costs and substantially improving cleaning performance. SURFASOLVE Prep-Wipes can effectively reduce VOC emissions by over 97%.


• Preparing surfaces prior to Bonding, Painting,
   Coatings, etc
• Composite Bonding
• Cleaning all substrates for enhanced bonding
   of adhesives
• Cleaning oil and grease from metals prior to coating
• Caulking (removing excess caulk compound)
• Cleans almost anything from surfaces without leaving
   any residue or Lint.

Unsurpassed cost savings as compared to
   conventional methods
Eliminates hazardous waste rag disposal costs
Increased worker productivity
No need to purchase solvent containers
Cost in use savings over 90%
No bond failures from contaminated surfaces


• 100% Biodegradable
• Very Low Toxicity profile
• Non-Flammable
• Non-Combustible
• Low Vapor Pressure

Features & Benefits

• Consistent more reliable cleaning
• Wipers are Sterile, lint free, and leave no residue
• Convenient re-sealable dispenser ensuring wipes
   never dry out
• Much greater worker safety
• Non-Hazardous and Non-Toxic
• Non-Flammable
• Virtually no VOC's and Zero HAP's
• Superior Cleaning


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