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Surfasolve Pro Cleaner

Surfasolve Cleaner is a specially formulated non-hazardous and highly efficient cleaner made from organic sources that is worker safe, and easy to use. Surfasolve Cleaner is used to replace hazardous solvents and will exhibit a similar flash off characteristic as acetone; however it is non-flammable, slower evaporating and does not leave a residue behind. This is a true direct replacement for flammable solvents in most cleaning applications.

Surfasolve Cleaner is very economical to use when comparing its cost in use to solvents such as acetone because it will only require a small percentage to do the same amount of work. Surfasolve Cleaner is an excellent replacement for acetone in preparing and removing contaminants on fiberglass surfaces for bonding.


• Cleaning Polymers
• Post finish cleaning of composite parts
• Preparing fiberglass surfaces for bonding
• Removes overspray
• Caulking cleaner and removal
• Removes and cleans off adhesives
• Mold Cleaning
• Excellent for Gel Coat Cleaning (does not leave a
  residue or chalk out)
• Removes Dykem Blue from hands and parts
• Super degreaser and cleaner
• Cleans rust and oxidation from metals
• Many more applications

• Unsurpassed economy
• Very Slow evaporation
• Can eliminate hazardous waste
• Increased productivity
• Can outlast 10 drums of solvent for cleaning


• 100% biodegradable
• Very low toxicity profile
• Non-Flammable
• Non-Combustible
• No OSHA PEL or TLV requirements

Features & Benefits

• Excellent solvency for cleaning all resin systems
• Superior cleaning
• Greatly reduces health & safety issues
• No Greasy feel (improves worker satisfaction)
• Does not leave a residue
• Non-flammable | No HAP'S
• Organic ingredients and quickly bio-degrades

Typical Properties

Density: 7.8 lbs per gal
Flash Point: Boiling point greater than 202º F
Solubility in water: Complete
Surface Tension: 30 Dynes
Viscosity: 35 cps
Color: Clear/straw



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