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Surfasolve Gun Flush

Surfasolve™ Gun Flush is a biodegradable direct solvent replacement system for chopper, gel coat, wet out guns, putty rigs and foam equipment. The benefits of using Surfasolve™ Gun Flush over conventional solvents products are: non-flammability, cost effective, much lower toxicity profile, and is very effective with all resin systems. 

Surfasolve™ Gun Flush is formulated to stop the resin from curing in the gun therefore eliminating the possibility of gelling the gun and clogging tips. This process can also greatly reduce hazardous waste generation when flushing lines and guns when the product is collected for recycling. Management and employee training is simple and provided at no 
additional cost.

Extends seal life however, do not use with Buna Seals. We recommend always using Teflon® Seals.


• Chopper Gun Flushing
• Flow Coater Flushing
• Gel Coat Flushing
• Internal/External Mix Systems
• General Equipment cleaning
• Foam equipment
• Putty rigs

• Very slow evaporation
• Fully Recoverable many times
• Significantly reduces gun down time
• Does not attack gun seals
• No Expensive support equipment needed

Features & Benefits

• Excellent Solvency on all resin systems
• Non-Flammable
• 100% HAPs Free
• Keeps Resin from curing in guns, machinery, and hoses
• Direct Replacement for Solvent Flushing and Purging
• Greatly Reduces Health/Safety Issues



• 100% Biodegradable
• Very Low Toxicity profile
• Non-Flammable
• Non-Combustible
• Low Vapor Pressure

Typical Properties

Density: 8.2 lbs per gal
Flash Point: Boiling point greater than 203º F
Solubility in water: Readily Hydrolyzes
Surface Tension: 22 Dynes
Viscosity: 35 cps
Color: Clear/straw





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