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Surfasolve Solvent Replacement Workstations

Workstations contain no moving parts leaving no possibility of a mechanical break down. This also makes cleaning simple and hassle free. When resin is cleaned in the workstation the Surfasolve Tool Cleaner allows the resin to continue its cure and polymerize into a solid particle. These particles are very small and accumulate at the bottom as a larger floc. The workstation should be cleaned when the floc level reaches about a quarter of the way up from the bottom and has become hardened. This is easy to see, there is a distinct separation layer between the liquid Surfasolve and collected resin floc. The product is then recycled by decanting all of the Surfasolve in liquid form out of the workstation. The residual hardened floc material at the bottom of the workstation will appear gelatinous. Place the gelatinous material on cardboard to allow the Surfasolve to dry out. The polymerized material produced after dry-out is considered a non-hazardous solid waste.

Unlike acetone which needs to be filled and collected daily, Surfasolve workstations only need topping of once a week and full clean-out out every every 1-2 months depending on use. This offers superior cost savings over acetone.

We emphasize the simplicity of the workstation in its ease of use. We have found that it is completely unnecessary to have any moving parts that will breakdown and constantly need cleaning. This leaves the maintenance department more time for important tasks.



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Part Item ID Price
Workstation (11 Gal) 400720 $265.00 USD
Replacement Brush 400725 $6.50 USD


• Used in conjunction with Surfasolve Tool Cleaner
• Efficiently cleans any type of resin system

Features & Benefits

Easy to use
Small design takes up little floor space
No heat required
No moving parts to break
No Air required
No Electricity needed
Requires very little maintenance (Nothing to replace
   except brushes)


Low cost
Extends the life of Tool Cleaner allowing resin to
   efficiently settle to bottom
Lower labor cost than any other method of solvent
   cleaning system
Easy to clean
Waste accumulates over time in bottom to become
   a non-hazardous solid.


No moving parts
No potential pinch points
No Electrical Shock hazard


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