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Work Stations should be maintained at a minimum 1-2" above the grid plate and not more than 4" as it will splash out and get wasted.

DO NOT DISTURB THE BOTTOMS OF THE WORKSTATIONS, which will enable the cleaned resin and fillers to polymerize and become a non-hazardous solid waste.

The frequency of Station Cleaning will still need determining, once a week check the workstation bottom by using a stick to see if is becoming hard. You should allow at least 3-4 Inches of polymerized resin before it's necessary to clean out the workstation.

To clean workstation decant all liquid with a small bucket and then place gelatinous material from the bottom on a piece of cardboard to finish drying out. If there is a lot of glass fibers simply wring it out and throw it away. Keep in mind color does not mean the Tool Cleaner has lost its cleaning ability, only when it becomes super saturated and thick will there be an issue.

Fill workstations at end of week after last use to avoid gelling of stations.


It is highly recommended to use quick release rollers only, after using at end of day make sure employees pull apart and keep aside.

DO NOT STORE anything in the workstation, it will interfere with the next cleaning, soak up a lot of material and it is completely unnecessary.

Do not just tap rollers on the workstation it's important to thoroughly shake the roller inside of the work station.

After cleaning brushes always use hand like a squeegee on the side of the work station to capture excess Tool Cleaner and ensure brush is dry to avoid excess Tool Cleaner in the laminate.

DO NOT Get excessive amounts of Tool Cleaner in Laminate to avoid Cosmetic repairs. The residue will not cause any issues.


Always use new Tool Cleaner when filling Gun flush pressure pots.

Recover Tool Cleaner when flushing by either Shooting material in workstations or a 5 gallon pail. The material in the pail can be used to fill workstations.

Clean Guns over a 5 gallon pail to recover Tool Cleaner, it is not necessary to wipe gun dry and a benefit to leave Tool Cleaner residue on Gun parts.

Chopper Guns should be cleaned exactly the same way as solvent however it may be necessary to use a towel to dry housing where chop goes through. This will prevent any chop balling.

Tool Cleaner should not harm O-Rings and Seals any worse than acetone, and in most cases will actually lubricate and extend their life as compared with acetone.


Fill Tip Cans with Tool Cleaner and use the same way as acetone, however take care to clean parts inside of container to avoid wasting material. Flammable containers are no longer needed when using Tool Cleaner.

Any Residue on parts will not affect its operation and will actually protect and lubricate the Gun.

For Gelled Tips Use Pro Strip H+ in a heated container and then use air gun to blow out gelled material.



replace acetone
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