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PRO STRIP H- is used where rusting and oxidation may be an issue

PRO STRIP works by de-bonding at the substrate interface and does not actually dissolve what is being stripped and will continue to work over a longer period of time than conventional chlorinated solvents.

PRO STRIP can be used at ambient temperatures in some cases where there is just a light coating needing to be removed, however thicker material will require heat. Do not exceed 165 F as this will break the material down and render it useless. Removal time is dependent on thickness of what is being removed and type of polymer species.
When heating pro strip use adequate ventilation and keep the container closed to avoid evaporation of the product.

Pro Strip can be used to remove polyester resin, epoxy, vinyl ester, poly urea, polyurethane and just about any coating from parts and tools and just about any substrate.


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