“We designed novel safe solvent alternative chemistries to disrupt an industry set in its ways”


Safe Solvent Replacement Technology

21st Century Chemical, founded in 1998, specializes in formulating the most advanced solvent replacement technology products available.

The uses for this technology can reach into almost any application or industry that uses flammable, toxic or chlorinated solvents. We are experts in identifying novel ways in eliminating problem solvents with 100% biodegradable non-toxic alternatives. Our solvent replacement technology can actually save considerable costs while reducing or eliminating hazardous waste. Our formulation criteria is to only use non-toxic non-regulated ingredients that offer superior cleaning efficiency while being easy to use.

Benefits of using ProSolve Solvent Acetone Replacement Technology

  • Reduces Environmental Impact
  • Safety
  • Lower Costs
  • Better performance
  • Lower regulatory burden

Solvent Replacement Technology

Prosolve products are high performance, environmentally friendly ingredients designed as an alternative to hazardous and highly flammable petroleum-based solvents

Solvents Replacement Specialist

21st Century Chemical founded in 1998 specializes in replacing hazardous solvents with a unique non-hazardous solvent replacement technology

Prosolve's Superior Cleaning Efficiency

Our formulation criteria is to only use non-toxic non-regulated ingredients that offer superior cleaning efficiency while being easy to use


Human & Environmentally Safe Cleaning


Cost Reduction


Hazardous Waste Reduction

  • ACETONE WASTE 100% 100%
  • PROSOLVE 0% 0%
  • ACETONE COST 70% 70%
  • PROSOLVE 30% 30%

Switching to ProSolve Solvent Replacement Technology offers a cost in use reduction of over 75% when comparing against acetone.

  • Made with Plant Based Ingredients
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • No Ozone Depleting Chemicals (EPA SNAP solvent)
  • No Environmentally Hazardous Ingredients
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Non-Regulated
  • Low Vapor Pressure VOC



Prosolve products will effectively handle any type of industrial application currently using hazardous solvents. Prosolve’s low evaporation rate and highly efficient formula can significantly reduce overall solvent usage. It contains no water and is reactive in polymer systems, unlike other green solvents which may contain up to 80% water.

Prosolve Solvent Replacement Technology products are high performance, environmentally friendly ingredients designed as an alternative to hazardous and highly flammable petroleum based solvents. It is not a flammable liquid*, contains no Hazardous Air Pollutants and is not considered a HazMat shipment according to U.N. regulations. 

Here are Some of the Applications

Parts Cleaning & Degreasing

Surface Preparation

Cleaning Printing Equipment

Powder Coat Stripping/Removal

Paint Stripping

Metal Surface Prep (Eliminate MEK)

Flushing Paint Equipment

Flushing Resin

Spray Gun Cleanup

Coating Removal

Resin Cleaning

Polyurea Cleaning/Flushing Equipment

Tank Cleaning

Epoxy Cleaning

Pigment Equipment Cleaning

Polyester Resin Cleaner

Flushing Resin

Fiberglass Cleaner

Solvents and Safety

There are many occupational diseases caused by breathing air contaminated with solvents. Whether or not employees receive acute or chronic exposure it’s very hard to avoid when working around high vapor pressure solvents.

Lowering Cost with ProSolve

Unlike conventional solvents, ProSolve products have a very low vapor pressure and therefore do not flash off quickly and can be used much longer requiring substantially less cleaner to accomplish the same job.

ProSolve is more than just a solvent that will continue to work even with large quantities of resin in it and then allow flocculation of what is being cleaned for self recycling.

ProSolve reduces cost in use by the following:

  • Much Less PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)
  • Lasts over 10X longer than high vapor pressure solvents
  • Reduces or eliminates Hazardous waste production
  • Does not require flammable safety containers
  • Lowers labor costs
  • Does not damage Gel Coat like acetone

Custom Performance with ProSolve

ProSolve products can be custom-tailored to meet specific requirements with a special Algorithm developed by 21st Century Chemical using HS Parameters with a high degree of accuracy.

Through Complex Chemistry new novel solvents can be created that are not hazardous and have an excellent safety profile as compared to typical industrial solvents. By understanding the Polarity, Hydrogen bond, and Dispersion forces just about anything can be cleaned, dissolved, or removed using the specially designed solvent alternatives.

21st Century Chemical Provides:

  • Evaluation of your process.
  • Designing the right solvent replacement that fits your needs.
  • Evaluate procedures for eliminating hazardous waste.
  • Training all employees involved.
  • Writing out SOP’S ( Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Unlimited ongoing support.

The Environmental Impact of Hazardous Solvents

Industrial use of solvents has a profound and disturbing impact on our environment. The large volume being released into our air, water, and the soil is of great concern. Most industrial solvents have a high vapor pressure making it very easy for dispersion into the air causing contact with living organisms and continuous pollution of the environment.

Until now there have been no real alternatives to using toxic solvents like acetone and methylene chloride without complex modifications that become cost-prohibitive. 21st Century Chemical has developed true alternatives that retain the solvent properties needed without the harmful effects of the solvent being replaced. In most cases, the solvent replacement actually works better and lowers costs.


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