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PROSOLVE Tool Cleaner offers a new approach to meeting the ever-increasing regulations involving the removal of hazardous solvents from the workplace. PROSOLVE Tool Cleaner is a next generation “Hyper Solvent Technology” formula made from organic renewable sources. Designed to be easy to use, low odor, non-flammable, and have a very low toxicity profile. PROSOLVE products eliminate the need for Acetone in all areas of composite manufacturing.

PROSOLVE Tool Cleaner has been fully tested on its effect in resin curing with little to no difference in physical properties in quantities up to 10% of the resin! Residue from the rollers will not cause cure issues like other solvent replacements available. PROSOLVE Tool Cleaner will continue to work even with a high level of resin load and does not become sticky. Once resin is cleaned it will finish curing in the container or can be sent to a flocking station then fall to the bottom as a polymerized sedimentation that can be discarded as solid waste. Please review our hazardous waste elimination plan to better understand the process.

  • Cost in use 70% less than Acetone
  • Eliminates hazardous waste
  • Increased productivity
  • On average it will outlast 10-15 drums of solvent


  • Cleaning rollers, scissors and all tools
  • Purging chopper and wet out guns
  • Flushing putty machines
  • Works on Polyester, Vinyl Ester, and Epoxy


  • 100% biodegradable
  • Very low toxicity profile
  • Non-Flammable
  • No Prop 65 ingredients