PROSOLVE Fast Cleaner

The Best Non-Hazardous Gelcoat / Urethane Solvent On The Market

PROSOLVE Fast Cleaner is specifically formulated to quickly and thoroughly clean and flush gel coat from any type of equipment or tools. PROSOLVE Fast Cleaner is a direct replacement for highly flammable solvents like Acetone where it’s important to thoroughly remove gel coat residue from lines, and tips. PROSOLVE Fast Cleaner performs better than acetone while lasting much longer.

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Slower evaporation = much less used

Easily recycled

Eliminates hazardous waste

Increased productivity

On average will outlast 5-6 drums of acetone

Gel Coat line flushing/color change

Cleaning any polymer surface for bonding

Cleaning caulk and adhesives

Excellent for Gel Coat repairs/patching

Cleaning prevails and spray guns

Can also be used for cleaning any type of paint system

100% biodegradable

Very low toxicity profile


Fast Cleaner Primer – What Is It And How Does It Work?

The ProSolve Fast Cleaner is the best cleaner for anything to do with gel coat. It cleans the gun parts, can be used to flush out the guns, and does a superb job with cleaning up gel coat patches and prepping them for sanding, It can also be used in final prep for getting anything off of cured gel coat like cleaning up non-skid, cleaning off overspray of gel coat or urethane foam.

The Fast Cleaner process is also different than that of acetone. Generally speaking, everyone soaks a rag in acetone and wipes. With Fast Cleaner, the process is to mist on the product and wipe it up with a clean rag. The advantage of this is using 10X less product to do the same job. Another advantage is in the chemistry of the Fast Cleaner. The Fast Cleaner makes your rags far more oleophilic, which means it loves to absorb oil. The mechanism used with tool cleaner will always leave the surface cleaned much cleaner than using acetone. This is very important when discussing doing gel coat repairs.

The other reason it is far superior to acetone is that acetone attacks cured gel coat and you can see the haze it puts on the side of a boat when cleaning. The Fast Cleaner does not affect the gel coat and leaves an almost buffed-out look.