Replace Your Dangerous Foam Solvents for PROSOLVE

PROSOLVE Foam Flush is a non-hazardous organic based formula to replace typical dangerous solvents. Not only is PROSOLVE Foam Flush safe to use it is more effective than traditional solvents!

PROSOLVE Foam Flush is used to purge isocyanate foam systems from equipment and to clean or strip cured material from tools and various surfaces. A unique property of this product is the ability to protect hoses and internal mix components from gelling after it has been flushed. This is a tremendous advantage in keeping equipment continuously functioning without needing repair.

PROSOLVE Foam Flush can also be used on any type of urethane system for purging and cleaning.

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1 drum can outlast 8-12 drums of Acetone
Eliminates hazardous waste
Less labor required to clean
Prevents costly breakdowns

Cleaning up
Equipment flushing
Stripping cured foam from equipment and tools

100% biodegradable
Very low toxicity profile
No Prop 65 ingredients