Best Safe Alternative for Methylene Chloride

PROSOLVE G-90 Strip is a non-aqueous based “super stripper” formulated with non-hazardous ingredients that is highly efficient for removing almost any polymerized polymer such as epoxy or polyester resin. PROSOLVE G-90 Strip is used where extreme performance is needed. This is a true direct replacement for dangerous solvents like Methylene Chloride with even better results.

The PROSOLVE G-90 Strip works by diffusing through reticulated polymer layers that are to be removed and then breaks the bonds between the interface of the polymer and substrate. After penetrating through the polymer, it will begin to swell and peel away. Just about any resin species will be stripped using this formula. Because it does not dissolve the polymer it can be used many times without creating a hazardous waste stream.

For best performance it is recommended to use our heated ultrasonic units that are specially designed to work with the PROSOLVE G-90 Strip. 21st Century Chemical can custom manufacturer a unit to meet your exact needs.

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Saves tools and equipment thought to be unusable
Last much longer than conventional solvents
Can be used many times without degradation



Can strip almost any polymer or paint
Removing resin from floors
Stripping powder coat
Cleaning equipment and tools that become gelled
Many more uses


100% biodegradable ingredients
Very low toxicity profile
No Prop 65 ingredients