Prosolve wipes offer a unique chemistry not available in other wipe formulas and is based on biodegradable ingredients that are powerful enough to instantly remove anything from hands and tools without the need to rinse with water. 

Using a special dual textured wipe, the ProSolve wipes trap the materials being cleaned within the towel which prevents anything from redepositing back on the skin. This helps eliminate any toxins from entering the blood through dermal contact which happens when using solvents like acetone. ProSolve wipes use no harsh citrus solvents or alcohols that dry and chap skin. There is also no pumice abrasives in the towel which can tear or damage skin allowing contaminates into the dermis. Prosolve contains natural bees-wax and emollients to enhance moisture retention of skin.

Features and Benefits

  • Can remove anything from skin
  • No HAPs
  • Can be thrown in Trash
  • Superior cleaning and removal of anything!

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Lower Cost than washing hands in Solvent

Increased Productivity

Eliminates hazardous waste production

Less costs than rags fro cleaning

Cleans anything off of your hands such as dirt, adhesives, gel coat, pigments, dyes, any resin, caulk, urethanes, paint, oils, grease, tar

Overspray removal

Removing Resin Spills

Can remove cured urethane foam from hands and surfaces. 

100% biodegradable

Very low toxicity profile


No Prop 65 ingredients

Contains no Dangerous Solvents